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Ronit Gross, LCSW, Psychotherapist
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Are you stuck in a thought or feeling?  Overwhelmed?  Anxious or panicked? Frustrated? Enraged?  Fearful?  Sorrowful?  Numb?

As an empathic, dedicated and non-judgmental psychotherapist, I am looking to help you reach the balance you seek within yourself and within the important relationships in your life. I believe no one needs to be "fixed" in therapy, only supported in closing the gap between how life is and how you would like it to be. With the greatest respect for your own unique situation, I aim to create an environment where together we can gently loosen old patterns that cause you distress and create the space for new ways of understanding and relating to emerge.

Whether you are actively looking for a therapist or just considering the idea, remember that seeking therapy is in itself a sign of strength and courage as it can often appear easier to avoid painful issues rather than to address them. If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, anger, sadness or "numbness" or struggling in relationships with others past and present, it can be helpful to know that all of our experiences, especially the most challenging ones are powerful starting points on the road to positive emotional growth and healing transformations. Our pain actually can serve as a motivator, encouraging us to explore something more fully so that we may ultimately become free of its hold upon us.

I invite you to call or email me for an individual therapy consultation today at 646 322-7218 or  There is never a charge for the initial phone consultation.

* Anxiety

* Parenting

* Relationships

* Anger

* Past Trauma

* Sexual Abuse

* Grief

* Depression

* Addiction

* Compulsive     

Ronit Gross, LCSW                                  Park Slope, Brooklyn